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10 Reasons Why People Trust Us

This website was built for the sole purpose of helping you find and grow the finest cannabis you have ever smoked. Listed below are what we believe to be the Top 10 reasons to use Weeds That Please to assist you in making educated decisions about your marijuana growing environment and the grow products you need.

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The Top 10 Reasons people use Weeds That Please as their trusted source for

buying marijuana seeds, grow products & 420 accessories safely online.

  1. #10 - Growing your own marijuana actually offers less risk than your current solutions. Learn what it means to be independently wealthy.
  2. #9 - You learn about one of the great natural wonders of our planet and the healing, medicinal and spiritual gifts of our God.
  3. #8 - You save HUGE money and smoke better weed than you can buy locally.
  4. #7 - You CAN trust us - Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from our educational information, experience, resources and advice.
  5. #6 - You educate yourself and become more knowledgeable on something you truly love and enjoy, and you can trust yourself, right?
  6. #5 - No government or law enforcement agencies would dare provide you with this information.
  7. #4 - We offer you the confidential resources and marijuana growing help you need through step-by-step processes including visuals.
  8. #3 - You develop a love not just for the final product, but the appreciation and education of growing a truly unique plant.
  9. #2 - You will enjoy the best selection and varieties that the marijuana plant has to offer from all corners of the Earth.
  10. And the NUMBER ONE reason is - Not one person has EVER been ripped off using our resources. We back our Customers and our Merchants 100%.

We have been known to look into issues regarding problems if you ordered through the Weeds That Please website... We have a reputation too! And we'd like to keep building upon it. Have fun my friends.


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