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WARNING: If you are under the age of 18, we ask that you exit here. None of the educational content, information or resources within this website are of any benefit to minors. Warning!

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ADULTS ONLY: You are aware of the laws concerning cannabis sativa (marijuana) in your Region. (WTP) accepts no responsibility for your online or offline activities.

Webster's Dictionary - Definition of Private

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Private - 1. adj. belonging to a particular group or person and not shared with others in any way. | private property | private citizen | private life | private thoughts | not available to or not supported by the general public.

Webster's Dictionary - Definition of Privacy

Privacy - 1. n. the quality or state of being hidden from, or undisturbed by, the observation or activities of other persons, | freedom from undesirable intrusions | to respect ones privacy.

Your privacy and ours is of extreme importance and seems to be getting stepped-on every day. Do not let anyone take this away from you! I promise NOT to get started on the whole Patriot Act thing... Now they can come into my house or arrest me without a "real" cause, and I can't even contact anyone for days!?!?

How absurd is that? (I know, I promised...)

At we take your privacy very seriously. There is no personal information retained ON THIS WEBSITE. We can only speak for our website. If you have signed up for any of our in-house promotions or information, then your email is safe with us and will never be sold or rented - never - not even with future amendments.

We like our friends responsible and safe.

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