Marijuana Growing Nutrients

Marijuana nutrients for growing cannabis

Nutrients for growing marijuana plants

In the growing stages of the marijuana plant, there are two distinct periods in the growth cycle that require very different nutrients.

The vegetative stage of cannabis growth likes a lot of Nitrogen. While the flowering stage of marijuana is much more picky with the nutrients the plant requires.

Cannabis plant food grow nutrients

Some of the product manufacturers below have made it a little easier by combining the cannabis plant nutrients into a bundle. They offer very clear instructions on the use of their nutrients as well.

Sometimes, when you use the wrong nutrients it takes a little time before the cannabis plant shows it. By the time you notice it may be too late for the plant to recover from your mistake. These things happen ALL THE TIME.

So be sure to read the directions - This is the best warning I can offer you.

One more tip, get a cheap tester and test the Ph of your soil. It may stop you from going nuts when you think everything is great and can't tell what's wrong. You will at least know it is NOT your Ph.

We have generally been in the habit of first giving the plants only about 60% of what is recommended until we have tested it in-house. We don't want too much of any nutrient during any cycle of the plant growth.

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