Not getting high smoking marijuana?

Not getting high on marijuana anymore

Marijuana not getting you high?

Smoking weed and not getting stoned

A number of people have emailed me asking how come they can't, or don't, get high on smoking marijuana anymore?

Not getting high on marijuana anymore?

You have smoked cannabis for years, or maybe not... You get together during the week and on weekends and you get high with friends (or alone).

But now, instead of getting that nice refreshing and tasty high that you have become accustomed to, there seems to be nothing. No effect at all - You know the weed is good, you see your friends still get stoned. So what's wrong with me?

Far be it from me to tell you that you party too much and are smoking too much weed, but that is exactly what I am going to tell you... That's right, you are getting high way to often and now your body has all but built up a temporary immunity to the THC levels due to your over consumption.

But wait, I have the solution!

I call it my 420 Prescription for better health and better highs. You will discover once you implement it that it can work for you too. We could call it "Partying 101" and it's not really a secret, it's just not thought about.

So how can I do it Woodstuck? "I don't want to miss those all important weekends where I look forward to getting stoned with my friends"

Here it is, plain and simple... 4 days OFF and 20 days ON. That's it, and you don't miss weekends either.

Take 4 days (yes, in a row) and DO NOT GET HIGH. That's right, don't get high or buzzed or stoned... don't touch marijuana for four days in a row. You have the self control, JUST DO IT.

This allows the THC levels to virtually leave your system (not from a blood test standpoint, but from a withdrawal standpoint). If you follow this simple 4/20 rule you will find yourself right back in the day when you tasted every hit, and man was it good! Maybe you need a better reward? Then order a new vaporizer or bong and don't smoke anything until it arrives (and I don't mean shipping it Next Day Service either - LMAO).

If you are using marijuana daily for medicinal purposes and need your medications, then I would suggest changing your method of use. In other words, if you smoke it all the time - then try baking with it and eating your THC brownies for those four days... it will still improve the effectiveness when you return to your old ways.

This works, trust me... but you have to stay true to removing yourself from the drug for 4 days - You can do it - I do it all the time. And you will once again enjoy the taste, flavor and effects of your most effective medications.

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