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Is it legal to buy marijuana or cannabis seeds in the USA?

Depending upon where you live, it may be completely legal to buy & own cannabis seeds, especially medical marijuana seeds.

Safely buy legal marijuana & cannabis seeds online

Here in America, more and more States have adopted recreational cannabis laws and medical marijuana laws where you not only have the right to buy & own the marijuana seeds, but you may also be able to legally grow cannabis in your own home as well.

Depending upon what you wish to do with your marijuana seeds, they may be illegal in certain areas as well. For instance, in many places around the World you can have the seeds, you just cannot grow the seeds. So you can buy them legally, but you cannot grow them in a legal way at that location.

Are cannabis seeds legal in the USA?

Safely buy your Marijuana seeds from

Safely buy your Marijuana seeds from

Safely buy your Marijuana seeds from

Many seed breeders and merchants use this as an excuse to sell you less than desirable seeds or strains. Claiming they are ONLY sold for collector (collecting) or for "souvenir purposes only". 30 U.S. States now have some form of approved adult marijuana laws.

Our merchants provide fresh & awesome cannabis weed strains that you may legally buy in the USA. These breeders & suppliers fully intend that you will grow their first quality seeds, they breed them for just that purpose.

Where can I safely buy legal cannabis & marijuana seeds?

Legal marijuana & cannabis seeeds for sale USA

Weeds That Please has been offering marijuana seeds and cannabis 420 related products for over 14 years online. We are a trusted leader in supplying education, resources & products to the cannabis consumer market. We do it for you to be safe in your online dealings with 420 products.

There are certain cannabis scammers you should NOT do business with, you can read about them here.

We would love to help you with your legal and safe purchase of marijuana & cannabis seeds online in the U.S.A.

Just for the record, Weeds That Please is a USA based organization, American owned (I might add). If you are looking to legally buy marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, or medical marijuana seeds then you can trust us to deliver legally and discreetly Worldwide! It is what we do for our cannabis clients.

No cops, no lines, no cameras, no taxes, and usually no shipping!

Safely buy your Marijuana seeds from

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