Cannabis & Karma

cannabis karma

Marijuana Karma - What is it and will I live?

The term Karma originates from the religious beliefs of Buddhism and Hinduism. Excellent marijuana strains originated in these parts of the World. Coincidence?

Cannabis Karma

Marijuana Karma is a term we use to describe the karma we carry with us as a casual cannabis user (or a completely harmless wandering stoner) in this lifetime.

This would be a good place to compare marijuana karma to a wandering methadone addict's karma (is there such a thing?). You can begin to visualize a difference here.

When we catch a buzz, get high, or get stoned (see The 3 Levels of High), we carry a generally optimistic, happy, rock-n-roll (the attitude, not necessarily the music), uppity type, deep thinker, silent arrogance. Remember, this is what we think... as we wander around. We are a pleasant people, if we let you speak with us... (insert laugh here)

Those of you who smoke without drinking (alcohol) at the same time will have an easier time understanding this important separation. This is simply because it is the BUZZ from only the marijuana that promotes this karma. Look at your drunk buddies (this is another type of karma that we do not attempt to define here, but it is NOT the same).

Some of you may think this is your mood, but it's deeper than that. This may be where the medicinal use of cannabis for depression comes in?

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As we go through our daily activities (high), we carry with us this karma. It is difficult to pick a fight with us at this point, we are becoming more and more easy-going with every 'hit break' we take. We can actually see it in others, but only if we are under the influence - otherwise, they just look "stoned" to us.

The only exception to this Marijuana Karma definition, is that of the stoner who never leaves their home or environment. They have chosen to enjoy their karma in the most private of settings... that of stoner solitude. These retired individuals (of sorts), attain and remain in a constant state of stoned, easy-going bliss. At least that's the case with the individual attempting to retire to such a status, and they like it that way. Cannabis Karma for Seniors is just plain feeling good - And that is a huge benefit for many.

Before leaving, we would like to point out one final Anomaly.

Marijuana & cannabis karma

If everyone who smokes marijuana experiences this "marijuana karma" and is walking around with it when under it's influence, - Then how is it that our Governments and many (gov't. funded) studies want us to believe that marijuana is EVIL, and that we want to commit robberies and kill people when we smoke it? (even once).

That we want to steal money and hurt people for our harder drugs?

The truths are long overdue...

I personally submit (with more than 35 years of documented, tested, and over-analyzed cannabis experience and results), that the "marijuana karma" definition is a more realistic, positive, spiritual, and accurate picture of the casual to extreme pot user and the effects of that marijuana on our thought processes on any given day. More accurate than any other study I have read.

Good marijuana karma to you! - Pass it on!

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