Harvesting Marijuana Plants

harvesting marijuana & cannabis plants

How to properly harvest & cure cannabis buds

Harvesting, cutting, trimming & drying marijuana

This chapter will address the proper harvesting and then move onto the proper drying (curing) of your marijuana plants.

harvested marijuana plants

It is very important that you take the time to cure your cannabis properly... It makes all the difference in the pleasant consumption (and potency) of that harvested bud.

Time to Harvest Hint: When the resin glands or trichomes (on your buds) are about one-half turning a milky white or amber in color (versus clear or translucent), and the small hairs have begun to turn orange, brown or reddish in color, it is then almost time to harvest your weed. You have a window of 5-7 days for peak harvest and potency. I will tell you, the more amber the trichomes have turned, the 'stonier' the pot will likely be.

This is why I recommend harvesting when about 1/2 of the resin glands have turned amber in color - be patient, and be sure of what you see. Get a pocket microscope here. You will harvest excellent weed at this point without passing the premium harvest window and the weed will generally NOT make you completely lethargic when smoked.

Cannabis harvesting tip

When you see the first signs of amber trichomes, water with water only... no more nutrients are needed at this time. This allows for a cleaner taste and smoking pleasure once harvested (IMO).

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Marijuana harvest time!

cut marijuana plants to harvest

I quite often have trimmed buds from the different 'tops' of the plant based on how they look individually, before I took down the entire plant. So as the plant progresses, you may have already harvested half of the buds before you 'chop' the plant down (so to speak). This also helps with being able to smoke some of your cannabis and "test" your crop using a quick drying technique.

Harvesting Time: Now that we know when to harvest our cannabis, the next question is; How do we actually cut and trim our plant (buds) and then dry it properly to cure it for the best taste and smoothest smoke?

Environment: Should include good air circulation for both trimming and drying rooms - As you will find the odors can be quite strong at this stage. Keep the room around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, heat is not necessary at this stage and only increases odor.

marijuana cutting tip for harvesting

Temps over 86 degrees and too much moisture and rough handling will actually decrease your THC potency. Be gentle with your buds from trimming through drying, it will pay off in potent reefer.

Trimming & Manicuring Marijuana Buds: I trim my buds the same day I harvest the plant or branch. The leaves are firm and cut off quite nicely. I have heard others wait for the plant to hang dry first and then they trim their cannabis buds. I have NOT tried this harvesting and trimming technique, but I will. Different strains of marijuana are different to trim. You want to remove all the large leaves and trim off the leave tips that are all around the buds themselves. I take the time to remove the large leaves right to the stem, leaving little to no stem stick in my buds. This is a learned skill, but not too difficult to improve as you go (grow). Makes for a great smoke.

harvested marijuana to dry

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Marijuana harvesting - A true cannabis pleasure

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