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Step by step for beginners

Learn how to grow weed real easy - Marijuana & cannabis step by step guide to growing marijuana indoors in soil

Is it easy to grow weed?

Learning how to grow weed can be easy if you understand the basics of the plants needs and life cycle. When growing marijuana, it is important to know what stages the plant goes through as it requires different nutrients for those stages. Growing cannabis can be a lot of fun! I even find it to be quite therapeutic -

You'll learn what I mean as you begin spending time with your plants. Please use our step by step guide (pages) to help you get started with the easy way to grow your favorite weed.

First, the germinating of the marijuana seeds, or the germination stage. Next is the seedling and vegetative stage and then there is the flowering stage.

Of course that is then followed by the harvesting, drying and curing stage. Though not a part of the growth cycle of the plant, it is very important to the most effective use and taste of the final product.

Easy ways to grow weed indoors

Feel free to browse our menu on top as you will find many other areas to help you grow your awesome weed at home, indoors and for personal or medicinal use. We offer tips for safely ordering marijuana seeds and products online. Also, we have (what I believe) are the best places to safely order those cannabis seeds and actually get what you pay for.

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We hope you enjoy your weed growing education here at Weeds That Please. Please consider using us for all your needs and even share us with your trusted friends. When you have grown your first plants, you can send us the pictures and see them on the bragging page.

Every grower starts as a beginner...

We all learn somewhere. Once you have started you will find different and successful ways to grow, as well as the marijuana strains you prefer. Each one having their own needs and traits (which I could not teach you today).

Good luck in your marijuana garden!

I think it's time you got started, don't you?

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