Marijuana & Video Gaming

Playing video games high or stoned, advantage?

Video Gaming High on Cannabis

Does using marijuana make you a better gamer?

You BET it does! Online or offline, getting high before gaming makes for better play! Does that make me a better gamer? No, but my scores do.

Playing video games on marijuana

Thankfully, we don't have to get all "scientific" about it. We just needed to do a little self-analysis on the topic and offer it to you ourselves. This topic goes way back, kind of like cannabis does...

However, if you need that kind of proof, or further evidence, you can find it in the multiple "tests" that have been run to actually determine the answer. Here are a few other takes on this 420 topic;

This is your brain while videogaming stoned - Presented by

Aiming High, marijuana & video games - Presented by

How do I know marijuana use makes me a better gamer?

Well, I like to game, and when I do, I prefer to be a little high.

I already know it makes the graphics more stunning, and moves me deeper into the experience (if they did their jobs right). The sound quality 'seems' better but I think our hearing is just tuned-up for the game. My attention and concentration increase exponentially... I feel more like I am more "in" the game sometimes.

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These facts are especially true with the high-end games - Yep, I said it.

Stone Gamers by Weeds That Please 2008

Did you know? We used to take the names and platforms of gamers over 10 years ago at - That's a fact, and we called it "Stoned Gamers". So now I had to go back and find our stuff for that - We were going to make a 'club' thing out of it. Talk about ahead of our time... Weed and gaming were made for each other. Ask any professional gamer or game programmer, they know what they are doing. They have been creating for a long time now.

Created back in June of 2008 - Man, how time flies. We would take your email address and platforms including favorite games, add you to an email list that was sent as an auto-responder to anyone else who signed-up. Ahhh, the old days...

Of course gamers have been winning online competitions (while high) since they were introduced. Back then they were played on arcade machines. Prior to that, we were playing "pong" on our TV sets. Yes I'm way older than you thought. Back in the day, I used to work and save up my cash for rolls of quarters to take to the bowling alley game room in town. That was a happening night for us! A little BUZZ a lot of video games, more BUZZ and more quarters. It was quite a costly affair for youths to have such video addictions back in 1975.

So back to our topic; "Am I better at gaming under the influence of marijuana?" ABSOLUTELY! No question about it.

But is the experience better even if my gameplay sucks? Yes, yes it is. It still immerses you in a totally make believe environment where either your survival or your skills will be tested right down to reaction time.

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Cannabis & online gaming

Now, could it be that I only think I am a better gamer when I am playing high? NOPE. If my scores are any indication of a scientific study, then hands-down my gaming skills are definitely enhanced when I play with a BUZZ ON. Live longer, play better, catch a BUZZ before gaming - It's an added EDGE, but it is NOT exclusive to you.

As for recommendations... Not just for the hot games, but as to what you might like? To us it does not matter if you are playing "Call of Duty" titles, "PUBG", "Grand Theft Auto", or even "Mario Karts" - Your eyes, ears and reactions are what you need to succeed at these type games and there are many, many more to test you.

Some strains just go better with gaming (IMO). Take for example, "Pineapple Express", this is an awesome marijuana strain to preface any serious gameplay. We also like the "Blue" strains starting with "Blue Dream", and then "Bluberry", "Blue Cheese", "Blue Moonrocks", "Blueberry Haze", these are all good choices. Oh there's more... "Northern Lights" is a favorite as well as "Super Silver Haze" and "Sour Diesel".

It may depend upon how you like your couch-play? We have friends who prefer the "Trainwreck", "OG Kush" and we shall NOT forget "Girl Scout Cookies". And as we all know it affects each of us a little differently, so favorite strains come down to personal choice, but don't be afraid to grow - Ooops, I mean try something NEW.

Video games & weed

If you ask any of my online partners about it, they will probably tell you that I SUCK when I am NOT high and they won't play unless I go get medicated first. Their gaming reputation depends on mine as well - We are usually covering each other's asses (and just like everyone else, we like to WIN).

Are you growing your own marijuana yet? WHAT? Not controling your own medicines? And you claim to be a GAMER? (LOL)

Did you need some new 420 gear?

Or maybe things have changed and you can grow your own marijuana?

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Everyone should own some cannabis seeds