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Legal Disclaimer

WARNING: If you are under the age of 18, we ask that you exit here. None of the educational content, information or resources within this website are of any benefit to minors.

ADULTS ONLY: You are aware of the laws concerning cannabis sativa (marijuana) in your Region. (WTP) accepts no responsibility for your online or offline activities.

This website and it's content are protected under my Freedom of Speech Rights. WTP is an online resource for information, education, research and enlightenment. No products are handled or sold directly by or this website, although we may receive referral fees or commissions from our merchants. We are a Marijuana Growers Information and Educational Resource Online. It IS legal to grow marijuana and medicinal cannabis in many Countries.

Support Safe Personal Use and Cultivation of Marijuana in your Country and Private Property. It is what we can do in our future that matters to our future. We have already allowed the everyday acceptance of many more dangerous & FDA approved drugs (IMO).

The ignored medicinal value of marijuana alone is worth more money than what has been spent on fighting a ridiculous war on (marijuana) drugs that just hasn't made any sense. As a matter of fact, we have paid billions for fighting an ally, for marijuana has never been the enemy.

WARNING: Marijuana use is proven to INCREASE
the intelligence in those opposing it's legalization.

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