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It's really easy. Just fill in the phrase with your best effort and funniest line. Email your entry to Contest.

Not only will all the best be published on our website, but one lucky winner will receive a brand new Bong - Compliments of - Here's the line -

You know you're a Stoner (if) when...

(insert your entry phrase here)

You just complete the phrase! Every entry will be read and entered (no discrimination) in this contest. You will be informed by email if you have won and view the winning entries online. You could use a FREE Bong right?

C'mon - help me out? You know, something like;

You know you're a stoner when... You click on links that say Do Not Click, and watch animated, senseless, commercials created by another stoner.

First Prize is $175 (U.S. Dollars) credit with our Bong Vendor!

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You know you're a Stoner when... You have to turn down the T.V. to taste your food. (Cody S. $175)


You know you're a Stoner when... Every Ziploc of food leftovers in your refrigerator is rolled up like a baggie of marijuana.(Kevin P. $175)


You know you're a stoner when... You close the microwave door for the munchies and you punch in your PIN number. (Marty D. $175)


You know you're a stoner when.. You ask the person you smoked with, Do I smell like weed? They say no. They ask you the same thing and you say no, - But you both stink of weed! (Lynda R. $175)


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