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Auto-flowering Cannabis Sativa Seeds For Sale

Autoflowering marijuana seeds, or auto-flowering cannabis seeds have become very popular in recent years.

There are a number of reasons for this growth (LOL). Let's take a look at autoflowering marijuana seeds and learn why they are so popular right now in the USA as well as the rest of the World.

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Autoflowering marijuana & cannabis seeds

What are autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering (or auto-flowering) stands for automatic flowering of the plant's growth cycle. The plant goes from seed to harvest without any change in the lighting schedule required.

In other words, you germinate the auto-flowering strain seeds and begin growing them like any other cannabis seeds, but in about 3-4 weeks the plant is already 'flowering' and will finish it's cycle when you harvest. These auto-flowering strains were crossed with ruderalis (a cannabis cousin) to allow the plants to go into the flowering stage of cannabis automatically.

So let's talk about advantages of this type of grow shall we? First of all the grow cycle is many weeks shorter than that of non-auto-flowering seed or plants. So less time, less resources like lights, nutrients and your time.

These plants are way better suited to not needing a lot of space. Because these strains will not get as large or as tall, growing it indoors fits in with a lot more discreet situations. Likewise, you get less dried medicine or product from these plants. So it grows faster but puts out less - The ying and the yang.

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