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Selecting online marijuana or cannabis affiliate programs for your website and social media outlets that increase your chances of actually making money. Find affiliate programs that actually work with you.

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Marijuana 420 Affiliate Programs, or ANY affiliate program for that matter, should take great interest in your success. When you are making money they are very happy too, they are selling and it makes them look good too.

We just want to mention a few important factors you should know about when choosing the Merchant you wish to work for... Because the bottom line is you will be working for them - so you want it to be worth YOUR time, and not just theirs. You obviously have an intent to make money online, now be sure and spend your time and efforts with a worthwhile affiliate program.

We are going to assume that you already know what Industry or Products you are looking to promote, and may even be aware of some of the cannabis affiliate programs that serve that market. Understand, you have to work at these programs, people think that it's easy to make money online - THIS IS A HUGE MISCONCEPTION.

Now it is EXTREMELY important to YOUR income that you understand a few things about the terms of some cannabis affiliate agreements - PLEASE READ THEM.

Marijuana affiliate programs

I have personally found the hardest part of marijuana & 420 based affiliate marketing to be;

Finding Reliable & Trustworthy Merchants, (believe me) - Ones that can be taken for their word and pay on time without aggravation. Ones who respond to you in a timely manner - A couple of days versus weeks. I know, you would think they were happy to have an awesome salesperson - But that does not seem to matter much to them (in my experience). - So be careful. Even a good and fair program is getting harder to find, do your homework, save some time & aggravation.

Once you are aware of what to look for, you will be in an ideal position to select the best marijuana affiliate programs & the most profitable to you. Your Time and Effort is worth money, right? Nothing is FREE - You get out exactly what you put into it.

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  1. Signing-Up

    It should always be FREE to sign-up for the program.
  2. Reputable Firm

    It doesn't hurt to do a little checking on the company. Sometimes you find out about their affiliates, customers or programs just by Googling them.

  3. Fair Commissions

    15% and HIGHER - Nothing Less! See below.
  4. Good Products & Pricing

    Good products, good selection, good pricing and shipping policies, these all help you sell.
  5. Recurring Sales

    When your prospect returns to buy again, are you compensated? Ideally, this should be YES.
  6. Multi-tiered

    Offering you a percent of sales coming from others who signed up under you (from your link). 2 or 3 tier.
  7. Support

    Common courtesy response to affiliates, if you can't get a response to an inquiry, they are not helping you and not worried about your concerns or traffic. Find another.
  8. Terms & Conditions

    Read these to find out how good (or bad) you and your efforts will be rewarded. See below.

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Reputable Firm - Hopefully, this one is self-explanatory, but not always easy to find. Online and real-time statistics are also very important and worthwhile to your mission, a good affiliate program offers real-time stats.

FAIR Commissions - One of my pet peeves. Offering 10% commissions (or less) and then a World of stipulations. Your time and effort is worth more than this, but it's your decision. Remember, they get the customers email, they get 'forever' re-orders, they are Branded by you, and they still got all the traffic you send to them - whether they bought or not... wouldn't you like FREE traffic, branding & links too?

Products & Pricing - If everything is overpriced and very little sells, than you need to find a better program. 40% of nothing is far less than 20% of something. Investigate this a bit, you'll be glad you did.

Recurring Sales - If a customer you previously sent to the Merchant returns to buy again, are you paid again? Obviously, you would like this to be YES, however, many, many Merchants do not pay on returning customers purchases... you would have to ask them why?

Multi-Tiered - If someone signs-up as an affiliate from your link, some affiliate programs pay you a percentage of their on-going sales too.

Support - Try a friendly email before you sign-up, I'll give you a few questions to ask below. When do you get paid?

Terms & Conditions - How long does this customer stay attached to you? 24 hours is unacceptable! Many, many people do not buy on their first visit! If they return to their bookmarked shopping cart and add more stuff, do I get paid? Click-through to Sale Ratio? (average number of visitors before a sale). You want your IP or cookie to stay connected to that customer for as long as possible - 90 days is good, but a year is even better.

Read the fine print in the Terms & Conditions - It may surprise you how hard some companies make it for YOU to make money selling THEIR products, we already know they are profitable. Look for Programs that give you the advantage, not the opposite.

We DO have some experience online ourselves ...

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ONE example of a marijuana affiliate program that sucks BIG TIME!

Define: Cartel - A cartel is a group of companies, countries or other entities that agree to work together to influence market prices by controlling the production and sale of a particular product (Merriam-Webster 2018). Wikipedia's definition was way worse.

Well, that does NOT sound good for the consumer at all.

This affiliate program (as they call it), claims we can make up to 12% referral commissions. We signed-up NOT knowing what the cookie length was because it is NOT dislosed BEFORE you sign-up.

We made 7% on items and we made 8% on items, we never made 12% on anything! So we suggest you tell potential affiliates the truth - That you WILL make at least 7% - Because that 7% is 40% LESS than the 12% you claimed I COULD make but never did. Just be HONEST, you can state that I can earn 12%, but then tell the truth in that most sales you earn ONLY 7 or 8%.

Now onto their cookie. They offered us a 7 day cookie! 7 DAYS!!! We work too hard for less money than they pay the tax man! They know most people do not buy on their first visit to a new website, and many visit more than 3 times before they put down their credit card for a purchase. So after the 7 days go by where we introduced them to the company, they pay us nothing on those sales from the 8th day on (which is ALMOST every sale!)

Can you see where this is NOT a legit marijuana affiliate program at all for the affiliate? They sell over-priced items and offer the customer 25-40% OFF when you walk in their website? WTF is wrong with this business model? But your salepeople ONLY get 7% and that is only if the customer buys within 7 days - Otherwise ALL the traffic and branding you did for them is basically for FREE - NOT a good affiliate program to be involved in. As you can see by the rules, it is all about the Merchant making money and the affiliate being played as a fool (IMO).

Another issue entirely is NOT being responded to when you email your merchants. If they do NOT respond at all or take more than a week to get back with you, then find another more trustworthy merchant. There are some who actually care that YOU succeed, because then they succeed too!

Our recommendations & examples are some the best advice we can give you in attempting to make money online through the use of legitimate marijuana affiliate programs (or any affiliate program for that matter).

We wish you luck in your online business ventures, we hope we helped open your eyes to what should be important to YOU when picking an affiliate program to be associated with.

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