Marijuana growing supplies for sale

Marijuana grow room tools, X-acto knives, fiskar scissors & colo cups.

Marijuana growing tools | Knives, scissors and solo cups

When you begin your new indoor marijuana garden, you are going to find that you need a few things...

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The X-acto knife is a hobby tool that comes in handy for all types of gardening work, from cutting clones to trimming mylar, something always need to be cut.

The Fiskar trimming scissors are necessary once you need to trim your marijuana after harvest. These are comfortable, sharp and high quality scissors for the job.

And finally, the Solo cups are used for cloning or the start of your germinating seeds. Easy to work with, you can write right on them or tape your strain names right to your cups until they are ready for their 5 gallon homes.

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X-acto knives
$9.89 or less
Fiskar trimming scissors 2 pack
$18.48 or less
16 ounce solo cups
$9.99 or less