Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about growing marijuana indoors

FAQs on marijuana & cannabis growing

The questions and answers provided here are based on the most popular questions on growing cannabis plants indoors. We hope you find the instant answers you are looking for. Save time, money & some potential mistakes. We answer & address a number of issues in each topic chapter. So if your question is not answered here, please click on the topic title to go to that Chapter, we may have answered it there.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Question: Why is my seedling bending over so much?

Answer: They are stretching for the light, you can move it a bit closer and that will help. You can also prop up the seedling with a little more soil around the base. Then prop them up with popsicle sticks or something similar. If you tie them up, leave it loose as to not strangle the stem.

Vegetative Stage

Question: I think I have spider mites! Help me please!!!

Answer: Buy this organic product and besides spraying the plants, do you lights, tools, walls, spray or wipe everything to have complete success. Then keep everything in your grow room SPOTLESS!

Flowering Stage

Question: Can I cut off some of the large fan leaves from the branches?

Answer: Yes. Do NOT cut them all in one day, cut two off and in two days take a couple more, etc. This way the plant does not get as stressed. Also, do NOT take them ALL off, they are still used for collection of light. When you remove a few you also allow more light to the lower buds on the plant.

Harvesting Stage

Question: How can I quickly dry a bud or two to test my marijuana buds & potency?

Answer: Please see our page on quickly drying fresh cannabis samples.

Cloning Marijuana Plants

Question: How many clones can I take from a 'Mother' marijuana plant?

Answer: When you take clones from a mother plant, I recommend you only take 2-4 clones at a time leaving weeks in-between for the mother to recover. If you plan on starting a new mother, then you can clip as many as you need if not needing for the original mother plant to live.

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