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What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) was discovered in 1940. It is one of over 115 cannabinoids currently identified in Hemp plants. Derived from the cannabis sativa species hemp means that it contains almost no THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high effect on users.

The cannabinoids from naturally grown organic hemp are extremely good for the health of the human endo-cannabinoid system. Similar benefits are documented among pets as well. It has been used for chronic pain, anxieties, seizure relief, stress relief, relaxation, better sleep and more.

This cannabis compound offers significant medical benefits without the 'high' experienced with using marijuana. This CBD Oil has excellent analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties among many other attractive benefits.

What else you should know about CBD based hemp oils

Many companies are selling oil created from hemp seeds. This hemp seed based oil is NOT as beneficial as whole plant hemp oils - Every producer should be stating how and where their hemp oil came from. IMPORTANT: Hemp SEED based oils DO NOT contain CBD (cannabidiol), or other natural plant compounds & terpenes. Cannabidiol (CBD) actually comes from the growing hemp plant and is NOT in the hemp seeds they crush-up and extract their oils from. We DO NOT recommend hemp seed oils as they DO NOT offer the same benefits as whole plant based hemp oils.

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It is also good to notice what the potency of your hemp oil is as well as the size of the bottles you are purchasing. 2 (two) ounces (oz.) is twice as much as one ounce bottles, but it is sometimes hard to tell in the images showing the actual product how big the bottles are you are buying.

When you first begin a regimen of CBD Oil intake, it is generally measured in drops per day. It can be added to almost any food, drink or tea making daily consumption very easy. You can generally feel the affects on your body & system within the first month of consuming this type of oil. As you will find, many people swear by it.

So what can CBD Oil potentially do for you? We are not sure, everyone is different, but we can tell you how it has NATURALLY helped others. Here are the top reasons people are using this Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil for themselves, their loved ones, and even their pets.

Chronic pain relief, epileptic seizure control, depression, cancer chemo treatment relief, muscle spasm reduction, anxiety & stress reduction, glaucoma treatment, reducing inflammation, arthritus discomfort relief, obesity control, appetite stimulation, nausea relief, opioids withdrawl, and there are even more!

Safely buying a quality CBD whole-plant hemp oil

Below you will find some of the better CBD Oil products available. When & if better ones are made available, we will offer those as well. These products are also manufactured in the United States (US), from Colorado and Kentucky hemp farms.

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