3 Levels of a Marijuana High

3 levels of getting high on marijuana

The 3 Levels of a Marijuana High

What is getting high?

Buzzed, High, & Stoned on Weed

What is getting high on marijuana? It has been happening for Centuries. Here we take a look at what we call the 3 Levels of HIGH on Cannabis. We specify marijuana for obvious reasons.

What is getting high on marijuana like?

Once you have read these descriptions, we hope you'll agree and see (in your own experience) how we have come to these conclusions.

Below you will find our description of basically what happens when you smoke marijuana, and what happens when you continue to indulge. Some believe there are more than 3 levels of getting high, and they have every reason as marijuana affects everyone a little differently.

The apparatus you choose to smoke your pot in will vary.

While this can influence the rate at which you attain these levels, it does not negate the fact that you go through each one to experience the next (no matter how briefly).


What is getting high on marijuana?

Use: "catching a buzz" or the invitation "wanna catch a buzz?" (It CAN BE elusive, so you have to 'catch' one when you can)

Practice: Limited to taking only two or possibly three hits (tokes, inhales, etc.- depends on weed too).

Effect: The BUZZ is the first level experienced in getting high on pot. You catch a nice, calm, enjoyable, floaty, buzz. First time users may claim to be stoned.

This buzz practice is good for the daily user who begins their day with a buzz (not to be confused with "wake & bake" - see Stoned).

Catching a Buzz is not enough to get burnt out, and yet you have not truly reached the Level of High (so to speak). You can revisit your joint or pipe later and refresh your buzz by taking a couple more hits. This can be continued through-out the day with zero (if any) ill or negative effects.

Explanation: Depending upon the potency of your pot, any one of these effects could be enhanced or non-existent in your personal experience. It may take only one hit on the bong with your Hawaiian to catch a buzz, or it could take more than 10 hits of a joint to catch the same buzz based upon the quality of your weed and your friends.

Warning: These examples take into account the use of good to excellent grade reefer. A nice buzz can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The effects of getting high on marijuana can be different from one person to the next. Marijuana is NOT a physically addictive drug.

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The Marijuana HIGH

Buzzed, High or Stoned? Levels of high

(My favorite)

Use: "getting high", "let's get high"

Practice: This level is generally reached when you smoke a joint or a couple of bowls with friends. Attainment can be reached with 4 to 8 hits of decent weed. It goes beyond a buzz, but you are not stoned either.

Effect: When you have continued from the Buzz level, you will quickly get funnier, and can become internal with your wild and sporadic thoughts. You may experience phases of paranoia at this level, I do not. That comes from (potentially) breaking a law to do it, or having to cover it up or hide it to begin with (IMO).

You generally feel really good, may want to do something fun, fast & exciting. You will like the taste of food and drink, and can still perform awesomely & completely enjoy your partner sexually. Now that's a side-effect! Audio and Video experiences seem enhanced to you. Focus & creativity are generally increased as well.

Warning: People have reported witnessing uncontrollably laughter at nothing or anything at all. Having them explain the source of their laughter is futile. Laughing to tears is possible when paying attention to deep, meaningless conversation and humor.

Existing addictions like video games, alcohol, sex or adrenaline rushes of any type seem magnified and craved for, when high. Red, sometimes bloodshot eyes can be experienced while at this level of high (standard eye drops can mask this appearance). It seems more fun to you when your friends are NOT high with you - but it's not fun or funny to them. Great marijuana can keep you really high for hours with minimum burn out. Some marijuana can leave you with dry mouth, also referred to as "cotton mouth".

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STONED on Marijuana

stoned on weedhigh on cannabis

Use: "Let's get stoned", "Getting stoned" or "They're really stoned"

Practice: When you continue to get high (continue to smoke after you are already high), you reach a certain plateau (destination). This Zone is happily referred to by many as "Stoned". To some, catching a buzz or getting high just isn't enough... they like to be stoned.

Effect: When a person is stoned, they may exhibit any or all of the following behaviors;

All of the symptoms of the Buzz and the High are still present and usually increased when Stoned. It's also more fun in groups.

Friendly, talkative, sexual, less inhibited, courageous (?), daring, and sometimes even stupid (example: the movie JackAss).

Individuals are often mistaken in photographs for having their eyes closed, when (in reality) they were really just stoned.

Warning: Extreme bouts of snack splurging are a noticeable side effect of being stoned on marijuana. While eye drops can help with the red eye experienced when getting high, they cannot help with the squinty eyes of a stoner. This often occurs after smoking really good reefer, or smoking so much Pot that you are glued to whatever seat you are in (the couch is a fine example). This squinty-eyed side-effect has no known cure as of the time of this publishing.

Some individuals may display a lack of motivation or activity at this level (lethargic). A burn-out may occur when coming down from the high (feeling) itself.

Bad weed or extreme burn-out may cause sleepiness in some at this level. Some people experience a nice body buzz besides their cerebral high. Many individuals (but not all), are NOT recommended to operate heavy equipment, run machinery or grocery shop in this condition.

We hope our article has helped explain "What is getting high on marijuana like?"

The 3 levels of getting high on marijuana

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