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Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The first step once you recieve your quality marijuana seeds will be to prepare for germinating those seeds. This chapter will help you easily germinate your cannabis seeds successfully in preparation for the vegetative stage of growth.

Cloning Marijuana Plants

Once you have started your garden and have a few strains growing you will be able to clone from your female mother plants. This will not only save you money but keeps you in your favorite strains year round without starting again from seed.

Harvesting Cannabis

How to harvest your marijuana plants. Harvesting and drying your cannabis properly, this is a very important stage & what you have worked so hard for.

Growing marijuana & cannabis seeds indoors
Female Marijuana Seeds

When you actually care to SAVE money on your female or feminized cannabis seeds. Shop with the trusted merchants at weedsthatplease.com Having male plants in your garden could be a disaster! Buy female marijuana seeds, grow ONLY female cannabis plants - Priceless.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Buy your indoor cannabis seeds safely from the merchants at Weeds That Please. We have been online for more than 12 years helping marijuana growers with what they need to grow exquisite cannabis & medical marijuana indoors.

Marijuana Growing Tips

We list the Top 10 Tips for growing marijuana & cannabis indoors. There are many things to consider when starting your garden, these growing tips will help.

Growing Medical Marijuana is one of the smartest things you can learn to do for yourself and your loved ones health.

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