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What is a marijuana vaporizers? Vaping?
Vaporizing cannabis instead of "smoking" it
Enjoying your weed with a healthy vaporizer

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What is a cannabis vaporizer? | Vaporizing your marijuana

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What is a weed vaporizer, and why
would I smoke my marijuana in one?

Marijuana vaporizers have become very popular lately.  Many people are unfamiliar with this type of "smoking", so we thought we could outline a few benefits and show you where you can get your hands on one (or two).  No more smoke! Just THC & CBD's.

Vaporizing your Marijuana | Vaporize cannabis | Weed VaporizerQ:  What is marijuana (weed) vaporizing?

A:  Vaporization is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory toxins in marijuana smoke by heating cannabis to a temperature where the psychoactive ingredients evaporate without causing combustion. You inhale a mist instead of actual smoke.

Cannabis vaporizers are designed to let users inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins. They do so by heating cannabis to a temperature of 180 - 200 C (356 - 392 F), just below the point of combustion where smoke is produced.

At this point, THC and other medically active cannabinoids are emitted with little or none of the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in the actual smoke. Many medical marijuana patients who find "smoked marijuana" highly irritating, report effective relief when inhaling through vaporizers. Users who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use vaporizers. Alternative devices, such as waterpipes, have been shown to be ineffective at reducing the actual tars in marijuana smoke compared to these herbal vaporizers (The Full Report).

Vaporizers can drastically reduce harmful toxins in marijuana and cannabis smoke. We offer the best vaporizer store so you don't have to do the searching...

Marijuana and Herbal Weed Vaporizers are not cheap. They can run from $49 for a small and portable unit, to over $600 for some of the best vaporizers available today. How important is your long term health? 

What is your health worth? Want to be the talk of the party? Want to turn your friends onto the latest and healthiest smoking sensation? Here you will find the widest selection, the best prices and service - not to mention the pleasure you will have in getting the most from your weed and staying healthier at the same time.

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