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Storing & keeping fresh marijuana (weed) Long Term.
The best ways to store your cannabis & pot.

How to store marijuana (weed) & keep fresh | Storing cannabis
Many people have asked us for the best way to store their marijuana and keep it as fresh & potent as possible. Storing your cannabis buds & keeping it's potency (long term) is not as difficult as you might think.

But many people believe that freezing your buds is the way to go for maximum freshness and potency.  THIS IS NOT TRUE - IT IS A MYTH AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY.  And, keeping it only in clear plastic bags is NOT ideal either (another popular belief).

On the contrary, freezing your marijuana
is NOT the best practice and here's why...

After all your work in growing your prized buds, you want to keep it fresh and potent for as long as you have it.  When you grew your marijuana you waited until the trichomes (resin glands) were just right before your harvest so that you would have the best potency you could from those plants.

When you freeze marijuana buds, you freeze those potent little trichomes as well (like icicles). This makes them stiff and brittle and actually makes them fall off and break off the buds. The more you handle the buds in and out of the freezer, the more you lose those active ingredients that make the pot get you high. 

Yep, they freeze and actually break-off the buds and fall into whatever bag or container you have, making the weed less potent.  All plastic bags have some static, even this static attracts the resin glands that you are trying to protect and keep intact. While I recommend using plastic sealable bags, I do not recommend freezing your weed or handling it more than is necessary if it is frozen.

Ideal Storage: Keep the quantity of marijuana you wish to store separate from your daily use stash.  Put it in brown bags (or any dark paper), then place it in your ziploc bags and remove any air that you can. Refrigerate, or keep in a cool place where there is little activity preventing any constant movement or handling.  This will keep your cannabis both fresh and potent for a very long time. 

This should help you store your marijuana successfully and have it available and potent for as long as you can make it last...

Keeping your marijuana, cannabis & weed stored properly to keep it fresh
for a long period is just protecting your investment.


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