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Pot smokers are pet lovers | Pictures of our 420 pet friends

This is a place you can share your animal friends with other animal lovers. Send in your photo and a few sentences about your special friend, and we'll post them with the others. Click on the small image for the full picture. Send your pet email contributions here


Full Image
This is Dirty Dingus McGee, he enjoys eating stems and arguing over football.

Full Image
This is Badboon, chilling after a Boz break.

Full Image
This is my husband's cat, Marble.  Marble is fourteen- years-old now and still acts like a kitten most of the time.  He is very well-trained and comes to a whistle like a dog would.  He is also a stoner kitty, as he loves it when my husband blows his smoke towards him.

Full Image
My boy Buddy, five-year-old American Red-Nosed Pit.  He is my lap dog, but he will rip your pants off (lol).

Full Image
These are my pets.  Hendo (dad) is on the left.  Keckos is in the middle, and his mom, Gina, is on the right.  They are waiting to go into the house to take over my bed.

Full Image
Samantha, Donovan and Aspen.  Sammy especially enjoys a good smoke.  We recently initiated Aspen into our family with Kush. 
What Nougat does while we are gone.
Full Image
Madam likes to visit the garden and hang out with her owner. She looks like she enjoys dressing up as well...
Full Image
KiKi - We think he was born stoned, as he is always easy going and funny as hell.
Full Image
Shadow - She is playful and loving and I think she is a mind reader.
Misty is just over 2 years old. She likes to party with me and knows when it is happening and finds her way into the room. Inside cat, mellow. Her little sister is Emma.
Emma - She is just over 2 years old. She really believes that she is stealth and can't be seen at night. Inside cat and very devilish. Sister to Misty

Full Image
This Oscar is no grouch! It takes little to please this big guy, as a little attention is all he craves. Play fetch with him and he'll be your friend for life.

Full Image
Here is my pet, he is called Milo. He is 4 years old now and loves to share a nice cold beer with me at night and cuddle up. We got him from an RSPCA Rescue Centre where someone had beat him in. But now he is mega healthy as you can see - he will have a shorter life because of his injuries, but for that short time we mean to give him the best life possible.

Full Images
This is Bug and Fester. Pugs are the most lovable dogs I have ever seen or owned. They are always right next to me in the house, and quite the characters. They love to play with their toys.

Full Image
Max is a great pet, and a major pain.
This is my doggy Dude. He's our "guard dog" if that's what we're calling him these days!!! But he is my bestest friend in the World. Well, at least the only one that listens to me...

Full Image
I count three...

Full Image
This is Indy - My Akido.
He likes to sleep by Daddy's garden.

Thanks for the great responses!  I had no idea...


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