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Learning how to make money
online is the first step. Step Two is
implementing your affiliate plan. It takes determination
and dedication on your part.

Invest in your education first,
learn from existing money making opportunities
(420 or not) and then pick your preferences and do a better job
of informing people why it is good - honesty works!


Nothing is free.
However, some things are easier than others.

Affiliate marketing education and resources | Making money with affiliate programs online

Making a move to educate yourself IS the first step
to making a residual income online.

Let's make this point crystal clear.  How much does any real education cost? Well, we all know a good college education costs us thousands of dollars and years of our lives. So DO NOT expect to learn what you need to know for free or for that matter in 30 days. Nor should you expect to learn everything from one source... I have spent my entire career in computers - (30 years), but you DO NOT have to in order to create some residual streams of income online today.

I did not say you can't make money in 30 days (because you CAN),
I said you are not finished educating yourself in 30 days...
there is a difference.

You will however need to invest in yourself, your own online education - so to speak. Now, let's put it in perspective.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on educating myself about specific opportunities - or non-opportunities.  Many times it was for the education, not necessarily a get rich quick scheme, but some education is much better than others. This page, for example is FREE to you, and I am trying to teach you some important things here... I could choose to charge for this small education!



I have been ripped-off more than I care to admit over the years. But until I tried something or paid for a scam, I didn't know it was a scam.  I have also paid for very worthwhile information and specific education online. Today it is much easier to learn and make money online than in the past decade.  People (not unlike me) write about the scams or their experience with different programs that can help you NOT make the same mistakes. This is invaluable, and should always be a part of your due diligence - doing some homework, or research as it were.

DO NOT be afraid to spend some money on yourself... because that is what is going to put you on a successful path that you choose to pursue for yourself.  When I say spend money, I don't mean thousands of dollars... but if it takes $39.95 to learn how to make money using Ebay and this potentially interests you, then you need to cough up $40 bucks and know you will absolutely get your $40 dollars worth of education - even if that is just finding out the process - whether or not it ends up being the chosen vehicle that's right for you or not. You learned whether or not this is for you, but more importantly, you learned a process that you can use or tweak to whatever opportunity you ultimately choose! This IS worth $40 dollars.

Everyone would probably love to work from home,
work their own chosen hours, and take time for
other important things like your children, or grand children,
or travel, or even finding more ways to multiply
something successful that you have started.

Maybe you could see doing surveys and being paid for your time and input?

Now, because it IS online we are talking about, you cannot have an aversion to being on a computer or being online... but you DO NOT have to be a rocket scientist to do these things... you don't even have to be a webmaster! You have to dedicate some time, some actual effort, and probably lay out some small sums of cash - something for nothing DOES NOT exist online - (except for my pages, LOL).


That's right, because there are web templates you can buy to build a website.  Then you have a have (or add) something UNIQUE to the site or idea that makes you stand apart from your competition.  Here is a great FREE article to help you find your Unique Selling Propositions

Start and make a few bucks - then grow it. And, the website has to work - what I mean is - your website needs to be found organically in the search engines near the top, or you have to learn the benefits of Pay-Per-Click advertising (I said it would NOT be easy).  Or develop or learn about a completely different twist on getting your website out there in front of REAL people looking for what you have or offer whether that be information or products.

This IS critical in winning online, and you should pay to learn some of these things if you are not in a position to hire experts already educated in these areas.  SiteSell is one program that offers not only your websites and hosting, but a huge amount of needed education and other professionals who have already had great success online and want to share it with you.

The big difference? (IMO) Is follow-through - Including mental determination. Can you start something and not be easily discouraged and actually follow through on this education and ultimate success?  You have to ask yourself... How bad do you want the dreams we spoke of? Friends and even relatives and other "professionals" in their industry or work will try to discourage you (been there, and this still happens today, but now I think it is more jealousy than discouragement), because I now know better than they do, because I do make money online, and once you have found your way to doing this even in a small sense, then you simply multiply your successful plan as many times as you feel you can support, or handle. I am here telling you this works.

A top rated affiliate program in the 420 arena - They Pay

There are many programs you can spend your time and money on, but there are a few places that offer many Affiliate Programs you can investigate (based on your interests) and immediately sign-up for and link to and start making some inroads while you are educating yourself and covering your costs.  A good example would be ClickBank and their Marketplace where you can see 100's of programs and Merchants who are seeking people to help them sell their stuff (versus having your own products which IS NOT a prerequisite to making money online). Huge companies use affiliates to expand their markets and sales, and they will pay you to help them!

You can get started when you are ready. You can work and learn at your own pace. You need only know how to read (believe it!). You need to put forth some focused effort.  You need to start immediately - for YOU, not because anyone else  says so, but because YOU want to.

How you can make money online with affiliate programs

What have you done today to make this
residual income dream come true?

Same as yesterday?

This IS Woodstuck trying to help you succeed.
YOU can do this!



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