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How to Spot a Cannabis Grow-Op (Debunked)
Grow Operation Misconceptions

This was an article I found online titled "How to Spot a Grow-Op" written by a degreed real estate agent in Canada.  IMO this article is inaccurate, exaggerated, and an outright invasion of any neighbors privacy!  I was so mad I needed to personally comment on this content.

Below you will find the unedited version of the article in BLACK, including my added comments in RED.  I hope you find it both interesting and educational.  Oh, and to add, I am guessing that I have seen as many residential "grow-ops" and known as many neighbors as the contributing writer (if not more).

The following are characteristics of typical grow-op houses, many effects of which can still be visible after the house has been vacated:

[ ]  Suspects do not appear to regularly attend jobs, but drive expensive vehicles.
Suspects? We were referring to your neighbor here?  And what are you driving and where do you live? You have so much time to watch them you realize they are unemployed? Absolutely absurd. 11 expensive vehicles on my block. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There are dark coverings over some of the windows to prevent the escape of bright hydroponic lights.
There are dark coverings over my master bedroom, and as I walk down my street, there are dark coverings on some windows in every single house. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Rooms in the house or outbuildings seem to be illuminated all the time.
As I walk my street, rooms and entire houses seem to be illuminated all the time, even in the early a.m.  What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)))

[ ]  There is heavy condensation on the windows. Absence of frost or snow on the roof when other houses have frost or snow. Or growers put fans in the window to increase air circulation that blows the curtain around.
I have never, ever, seen this outside of an actual greenhouse. The reason some roofs show snow and some don't is based on insulation and not temperature. I did notice some neighbors with fans in windows on my walk to.  Blows the dark covering around (curtain?) that is keeping the light and heat in? What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There may be an unusual number of roof vents or unusual amounts of steam coming from the vents in cold weather.
I'm sorry, but walking down the street and counting roof vents could get someone to call the police on me. Are you checking your neighbors for these? What about real danger? Are they sexual predators or have gun collections? I could go on and on... What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  A variety of extra measures have been taken to protect the house, i.e., new fencing, guard dogs, bars on the windows etc. Entry is exclusively through the automatic garage doors. Residents are hardly ever seen out of their cars.
2 neighbors with new fences this year, 3 last year (and I had to go look) No homes with bars on the windows close to me, including mine. Many pets, almost every other home. Most of my block residents know me by first name, and see me if we're outside at the same times.  I also use the door to my house to enter. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There is a strange odor emanating from the house (pungent and skunky).
Did you walk up to a window or really smell a dead skunk? I smell BBQ, I smell Windex, I smell garlic from my Italian neighbors with the fans, I smell pets too, I even smell curry quite a bit around town, should I be calling the police?  What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Sounds of electrical humming, fans or trickling water. There are also construction noises associated to accommodate a marijuana production facility.
Sounds of electrical humming, fans, trickling water? Every property I own has these common household sounds. Especially when my heat or air-conditioning, or laundry dryer are operating. There are currently more than 6 homes surrounding mine that have some type of construction or renovation going-on (I am calling the police as we speak, I should have known better). What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There is unusual or modified wiring on the exterior of the house.
Every home I looked at had wiring outside the home that I could not readily identify. Does this qualify as as unusual or modified? What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  The hydro meter can be seen spinning unusually fast. Growers have most of their lights on for at least 12 - 18 hours at a time.
I'm sorry, I would not get close enough to my neighbors houses to look closely at their hydro meter.  Like it's any of my business?  What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Localized power surges or browning - neighborhood residences or units experience unexplained power surges or decreased power that dims lights and slows down appliance use, with the return of normal power flow about 12 hours later.
(Images of Frankenstein's Castle) These are experienced all over the World and are explainable. My computer UPS (uninterruptible power supply) logs can show you electrical variations that are happening all day long, and that's just where I live. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Residents avoid all contacts with neighbors.
No longer suspects? Unfortunately, this applies to most areas, however, we do NOT avoid any contact with any neighbors. As a matter of fact, it's very good to know them. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Children's toys and bikes are left outside but there are no children seen at the residence.
Somebody had to make this stuff up... I have never seen this at any grow-operation, residential or otherwise. I do see it up and down my street and the stuff belongs to the neighbor kid who left it in the seniors yard on the corner. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Quantities of growing equipment and supplies are seen to be taken into the house, shed or garage, yet there are no flowers or garden at the house. Often these supplies are purchased in Winter.
Where do I start? With the exclusive use of automatic garage doors by us growers? Or maybe with the fact that INDOOR gardening is one of the most popular and fastest growing hobbies today. We're unemployed remember, we can unload our stuff anytime and usually do when your way asleep pal. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There are pots, soil, hoses and nutrients scattered around the property.
On my walk, I find pots, hoses, wheel barrels, garden tools, and more - and that's from the sidewalk. Got to put the police on speed dial. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  The house can appear to be vacant, the yard is not well tended, and flyer's are accumulating at the door. Residents are seldom seen (garbage is rarely put out to the curb).
I have 4 houses like this on my block. I know someone lives there as I have seen them, I have also seen their garbage out on garbage day.  I'm pretty sure these 4 neighbors do not grow dope, but I could be wrong?  What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  There are hoses running from doors or windows on the exterior of the house.
I have never seen this either. Is it because they take more care or the growers amongst my neighborhood are tidy? What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  Instances of visitors parking down the street and walking to the house. There is excessive vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic day or night at unusual hours.
Do you have kids? My one neighbor has a 17 year old daughter at home and I have seen all of what you described here with her and her Dad's house. Was this a dealer or a grower? What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  The occupants appear to have moved in at night.
Like this never happens, every time I have moved, it was nightfall before I finished. Every time. What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

[ ]  It is never possible to see activity at the house but there is lots of garbage.
I thought they didn't have any garbage? And there was unemployed activity you were watching all the time? What did I spot? (still visible when vacated?)

WOW!  Everyone in my neighborhood is growing pot! How could I have missed all these clues?  Absolutely infuriating. - Come sniff around my window, garage or electrical box - I have rights too, and a LARGE one is my privacy - if it does not apply or exist at my home, then where? What is our Right to Privacy for?

Just about anything is being published today, it's getting harder and harder to dissect the truths.

 - woodstuck
(feeling a little better)

Complete credit for this article can be found at Ezine articles, as I do NOT wish to link to the original article and add any more credence or link popularity to his writing or his real estate practice(?).

How about we focus our attention on Terrorism or Sexual Predators, or Murderers in your neighborhood, or something actually constructive and worthwhile?  Why should we be invading the privacy of our friendly neighbors who we have met, and see weekly outside of our homes?

I could admit that I might like to know a little more about some of my neighbors, however;

A)  It's none of my damn business.

B)  Anything they want me to know, they'll tell me.

C)  Unless they have given me damn good reason to watch them, you are out of line to count vents and make investigations and assumptions as in this article (IMO).

You should be so focused on your own children perhaps, and your career, and your yard, and your cars, and your kid's employment - not to mention other peoples Rights to Privacy!

WARNING: Marijuana use is proven to INCREASE
the intelligence in those opposing it's legalization.

                        - woodstuck




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