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Contaminated Cannabis Warning
Termed GRIT WEED by texture
Bad Marijuana, Do Not Smoke, Warn Others

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Grit Weed: Contaminated Cannabis


WARNING: There has been a flurry of bad marijuana across Europe and Wales. Some commercial grower has taken it upon themselves to add a sandy, glassy, oily substance to their commercial marijuana.  Coined "Grit Weed" because of the nature of the texture and the unknown actual ingredients... it was apparently used to add weight to the harvested marijuana. There is no doubt that this is harmful to humans and not natural at all.

Do not buy, do not smoke, warn others. Since our World Health Organization has taken no action on this topic, I felt it was up to us.  When you find someone selling this reefer, I ask that you tell and warn everyone not to buy it or smoke it, and tell your dealer what they bought - Education is our best defense.

I want to thank my friends from Cannabis Northern Ireland for bringing this to my attention. Thank you from all my friends and yours!

Check your stash!  Look for more crystals than are normal, look for a coating like frosted flakes have on them.  You can look at it closely and tell if your weed has been coated or altered.

To test for contamination:  Lick your fingers and then press them lightly on the buds... lick your fingers again and if they are gritty like sand then it is likely contaminated.

Click image for larger and clearer photo

Photo of Grit Weed

Picture of Grit Weed

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