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Why Buy Female Marijuana Seeds?
Feminized Cannabis Weed Seeds
Saves You BIG Money

Female Marijuana Seeds | Feminized Cannabis Weed Seeds

Female marijuana seeds are more expensive than their non-feminized cousins. What that means is, you get all female seeds when you buy feminized cannabis seeds.

These marijuana seeds were bred to give only female plant offspring (99.8% of the time anyway).


Just how do I save money by purchasing
female marijuana seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds will cost you a bit more, but let me explain some of the actual savings you experience in making such a purchase.

First of all, every plant is (virtually) guaranteed female. So that's 5 or 10 or 12 female pot plants with little risk of males. That adds up to saving a lot of time and cash on what end up being male plants after 6 weeks or whatever...

AMS, Original Seed and Ministry can help you with those female ladies. You can buy just a few female seeds and SAVE CASH for other stuff if you're in a pinch.

Now consider all of the resources you would use in raising and then dispensing with 12 great male plants?  Include your time and your energy costs besides the soil, pots, nutrients, etc., - and those female marijuana seeds start looking pretty darn cheap.

You can clone from these female plants when they reach an appropriate age without having to turn them back to the vegetative stage - this could save you up to six weeks time too. (see cloning) When you clone a female, you have another female, and another, and another. All as strong and identical to their mother with no loss of potency.

 Now you know why the Pro's buy female marijuana seeds
with their money, at least the first time...
Then you just keep cloning your favorites.

Feminized Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds for sale in the USA

The following Seed Breeders have joined with weedsthatplease.com to offer a special promotion on the sales of their female cannabis seeds for a limited time.

You can buy your female pot seeds with confidence, and start growing the most awesome weed you have ever smoked! 

Shop right here, it is SAFE and we support YOU!

We Can Recommend A Few
Top Quality Female Marijuana Seed Breeders
(feminized cannabis seeds for sale USA)

"I was worried, but everything was perfect, thanks Skip"

Feminized cannabis seeds from Amsterdam
Female Cannabis Seeds from Top Breeders (FREE SEEDS)

some high quality feminized marijuana seeds


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