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Cannabis Conundrum:
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To Buy Weed or To Grow Personal Use Cannabis?

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The Cannabis Conundrum:

Growing your own personal or medical marijuana
Versus buying your marijuana (cannabis).

The Cannabis Conundrum: Growing vs. Buying

This question has been asked a number of times, so I decided to try and put it into perspective (of course, this may be just MY perspective...) I'm calling it the cannabis conundrum because it is something most people give thought to before reaching their own decisions.  But when you take the time to analyze the facts, it's not such a conundrum after all - or is it? You have to decide for yourself.

Grow your own Pot? Or buy your weed whenever your inventory is low. You can decide, but here are the Pros, Cons, and some added insights I recognize from my experience. You have to decide on the risk involved (if any).

Grow your own, control your supply.


Growing Your Personal Marijuana



Great, even exquisite marijuana. You actually have to grow it, care for it, and harvest it. This takes a bit of education on your part.
You never run out of high quality weed. Let's say this one again...You never run out of quality weed. You have to invest in the materials and equipment upfront to get started.
You have learned a new and valuable skill about one of God's great gifts to this World that you can reproduce any time, any where. You have to dedicate space to your garden.
Your cost per ounce is dramatically decreased... and based upon your efficiencies can only get cheaper as you grow or garden better (clone, etc.) (USA & Others) You could get busted for growing. (manufacture with intent to distribute, and then need to prove personal use for the lesser charge of possession of a controlled substance)
You actually have a selection of fine cannabis on hand at any given time. You have to be able to keep your secret (Your safest insurance).
Everyone wants to party with YOU. Your popularity soars based on what you have to smoke. You have to dedicate some quality time every day to your garden.
You can hold educated discussions on cannabis and history (if you want).  
You slowly become a connoisseur of quality product, by smell, taste, effect and appearance.  
You start creating your own Hash from the remnants of your garden.  
You tell everyone you know to visit to get started.  

You love what you have, you love the savings, and you stay at home more.
You have also learned the true value of a secret.

Now, besides the pros and cons, you actually have to add the value of risk for each one of our examples... You can do this as you read through them.  And then you decide which one has the greater risks. It seems pretty clear to me, but depending upon where you live and with who, and those type environment situations, it is different for everyone.

Buying Your Personal Marijuana



It is sometimes convenient and local to buy it when you need it (want it). It costs a lot of money, and when was the last time there was a price decrease and quality increase? No cost control.
  You cannot count on the consistency of the quantity, quality, or timing and pick-up (generally speaking).
  You have to trust a few other people with the knowledge of your habits.
  There could be surveillance on your connections.
  You have to risk going and getting it every time (weekly, whatever)
  When it is dry, it is dry everywhere it seems.
  Dealers get busted - it happens
  You take risks every time while driving in your car to pick it up.
  Anyone with you is also at risk.
  Sometimes the Pot sucks.
  No return policies are normal.
  You DON'T get what you pay for.
  You do these things how many times per year?

Well, there you go.  Now I am a slightly biased writer, so you have to evaluate for yourself each of these points and decide if the payoff is worthwhile in your situation.  I'd like to help more, but ultimately the decision to grow rests with you and your laws, and your morals and beliefs... Not to mention your personal needs.

Thanks for listening.


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