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Marijuana & Cannabis Seeds for Sale | Buy safely online USA

The following list of marijuana and cannabis seed providers are trusted sources for the sale and delivery of their associated products. 

The fact that these companies are listed with us is our testimonial to their doing good, ethical, and long-standing business with their customers.

Buying marijuana seeds for personal, medical or novelty use or collection purposes may fall within your rights.  Not all breeders and seed banks listed offer shipping to all Countries.  Please be sure and read the FAQ section of each company for important information before ordering.

(See Tips to Safely Buying Online) does not distribute ANY information or data derived from our website.  Your adult and personal activities are your own business and should remain private. These are our rights.

We Recommend Quality Marijuana Seeds
from these Trusted Suppliers - Ready to Grow?


It's time you got started with EXCELLENT Seeds...

   PREMIUM Reviews
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
Huge selection, Worldwide Shipping, Discreet
Rated very reliable & trustworthy - 20 FREE Seeds

Have worked with AMS for 7 years - No rip-offs here.
Huge selection of marijuana seed breeders cannabis seeds    PREMIUM Reviews
Original Sensible Seed Company
Extreme Selection, Worldwide Shipping, Discreet, Buy One Seed
Rated very reliable & trustworthy - FREE Seeds
Working to establish themselves as a Leader.
   PREMIUM Reviews
Bonza Seedbank
Excellent Selection, Discreet Worldwide Shipping, Buy Single Seeds
Rated very reliable & trustworthy -
FREE Seeds & Monthly Specials

   PREMIUM Reviews
Ministry of Cannabis
Huge selection, Worldwide Shipping, Discreet
Rated very reliable & trustworthy - Deals

Feminized & Auto-Flowering Seeds

: All debit cards are NOT created equal. Some do NOT offer International Charges. If you get declined this may be the reason... Your Bank can change this, or use a credit card or PayPal (if offered).

Do NOT be ripped-off...
See our Blacklist

"AMS is the BEST!"
"Not only were the seeds of the highest quality, but their discreet
& stealth delivery went without notice - it was perfect"

Ramone V.        Midwest, North America   

"I could not believe the OSSC selection"
"Plus, I could buy 10 or 5 or just 1 seed"

Norm F.    UK   

"Thanks Woodstuck!"
"Between the great seeds (Ministry) and all the help and education,
I figure I owe you a whole bunch of HIGH"

Jill A.       - Outlying Islands U.S.   



Please bookmark us for your future reference.

Our first choice is AMS & then Original SSC and Ministry

For selection, price, service & discreet stealth delivery.
 These are ALL very reputable marijuana seed
suppliers who offers a good variety and ship quickly Worldwide.


STORE your weed properly

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"Surf securely, and above all - be safe" - woodstuck



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