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Up until now, finding a nice glass bong or water pipe online remained difficult... or very expensive. They were either too hard to deal with, untrustworthy, or the quality just wasn't there. Well we are proud to help you fix that problem.

One USA company, Dopeboo is specializing in the distribution of fine, hand-blown glass pipes of the highest quality glass. They are reliable and their products are just awesome... The pricing is great, the selection and styles are extreme, and their service is second to none. Another company who manufactures custom glass pipes and bongs is Excellent Pipes in the Czech Republic and ships FREE items with your purchase!

When you are considering a new pipe or glass bong for your personal collection, please consider buying from DopeBoo Headshop, a reliable and trustworthy provider. Items are discreetly shipped and packaged for protection. You will be happy with your purchases - we were excited when we received ours, and we have paid a lot more for bongs that were not as attractive or made of quality glass. Glass replacement bowls and component parts are also available.

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Don't believe me? Look at these prices! Pyrex Glass Bongs and Pipes for these prices? We found you the savings, now enjoy it with your friends. Ever in need of the perfect gift for that SPECIAL someone? Find the perfect glass water bongs right here.

Buy glass water bongs & pipes.
No parking, no cameras, no lines, no shit!
You don't even have to get dressed!

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