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Woodstuck (Skip Budman) is AnonymousAnonymous is NOT Politicians or any Government, we are NOT Law Enforcement, we are NOT Bankers, we are NOT Billionaires, or Big Business, and we are NOT in the Market (Pharmaceutical, Wall Street, Legal, Poisons, Etc.).

We are the other 99%.

We ARE the People... The people of great Nations and poor leadership.

We ARE civilians, we ARE Veterans, we are looking at a future we do not like, or want. We are seeking immediate and REAL change. We seek the Justice that everyone deserves and few receive in our current Police State Mentality.

We ARE pissed off!

That is who we are
This is the truth

We are also tired of being lied to. For 80 years our government, medical, industrial, and agricultural complexes have lied or remained ignorant about cannabis for the sole benefit of PROFITS. The lives, the incarcerations, the war on freedom, the deaths, all based on lies.

It is our God given right to this natural medicine and all it's healing abilities. Please join us in Repealing the Federal Cannabis Laws and Schedule One Classification. If not for you, then do it for someone you love.


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