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We worked with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for more than 10 years. We had a great affiliate manager who knew how to sell online and manage an affiliate program.

In January of 2018, that all changed. We lost a friend and a long term business associate. We were very sorry to see him go.

The "NEW" once partner, now total owner took over with a new affiliate program website. They did not even inform everyone (affiliates) that they had to sign-up again. There were no terms and conditions with the "new" program either.

So we quickly signed-up and switched over to our new links. We began selling again as expected. We were never paid (At all under this new management).

They continued to lead us on and con us for 3 to 4 months. We finally stopped sending them customers because we were NOT being paid, but we were being lied to almost daily. We have been lied to, conned, and ripped-off for thousands of dollars!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds - Scammers

This man and his company RIPPED-OFF every single affiliate they had signed up under their old program by deleting ALL their accumulated cookies from years past!!! We sell by 'cookie' when a prospect returns to buy they have our cookie from a previous visit... This is how we get credit and get paid.

This man has no ethics or morals - He just does NOT care about who he rips-off! We understand many people have NOT been paid by this man.

We feel it is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone know who the true marijuana scammers are in the cannabis marketplace.

If they would continually lie to us and rip us off while they made money from us, then they will hurt others too. They are a dishonest group. Do NOT believe a word they tell you - We know they will be lying to you.

Stefano Bonneveld - Netherlands

Name: Stefano Bonneveld - AKA: Stefano Alexander Lorenzo Bonneveld

Lives: Diemen, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Affiliations: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, E-BIZZ Group B V, Amsterdam Web Trading, Amsterdam Connected, Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, theseedsdepot (TSD), and more.

Other: Cannot be trusted at all. Zero ethics, zero morals, no understanding of what fair is, doesn't care. Knows very little about good business & even less about good business decisions. He is a con artist, a liar and a thief.

Likes: Cafe "ruk En Pluk", Tattoo Palace,

Likes to play successful & ethical while he lies & steals from others to do so. Of course he lies about it, that's what he does.

They even own their own seed review domains (websites) - Yep, they review themselves very highly. Not a joke.

(We DO NOT make FALSE claims - EVER)

Please assist us and everyone in the cannabis community by sharing this information everywhere you can!

We thank you personally and are certain that less people will be ripped-off if they have ZERO dealings with these con artists or their businesses.

You ALL know me and know how serious I am about Scammers in our Cannabis Space. I should take my own advice sometimes, if you do a good search you will find many complaints against this man and his company.

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