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Choosing Online Affiliate Programs
for Your Website That Increase Your Chances
of Actually Making Money
Affiliate Programs that can work for you.


Marijuana Affiliate programs that can make you money and pay.Marijuana 420 Affiliate Programs, or any affiliate program for that matter, should take great interest in your success.

We just want to mention a few important factors you should know about when choosing the Merchant you wish to work for... Because the bottom line is you will be working for them - so you want it to be worth YOUR time, and not just theirs.  You obviously have an intent to make money online, now be sure and spend your time and efforts with a worthwhile affiliate program.

We are going to assume that you already know what Industry or Products you are looking to promote, and may even be aware of some of the affiliate programs that serve that market.  Understand, you have to work at these programs, people think that it's easy to make money online - HUGE MISCONCEPTION.

Now it is EXTREMELY important to YOUR income that you understand a few things about the terms of some affiliate agreements - PLEASE READ THEM.  

I have personally found the hardest part to be;

Finding Reliable & Trustworthy Merchants, (believe it) - ones that can be taken for their word and pay on time without aggravation.  Ones who respond to you in a timely manner - a couple days versus weeks.  I know, you would think they were happy to have an awesome salesperson or sales force - but that does not seem to matter much to them (in my experience). - So be careful. Even a good and fair program is getting harder to find, do your homework and save time and aggravation.

Consider these Money Making Affiliate Programs

Some keep you connected to the prospect IP for up to a year!
Some even keep your ties forever...
Others offer you recurring sales, but many do not.

Click Here for Excellent Online Affiliate Programs

Once you are aware of what to look for, you will be in an ideal position to select the best affiliate programs and the most profitable to you.  Your Time and Effort is worth money, right? Nothing is FREE - you get out exactly what you put into it.

Sign-Up It should always be FREE to sign-up for the program.
Reputable Firm It doesn't hurt to do a little checking on the company. Sometimes you find out about their affiliates, customers or programs just by Googling them.
Fair Commissions 15% and HIGHER - Nothing Less!  See below.
Good Products & Pricing Good products, good selection, good pricing and shipping policies, these all help you sell.
Recurring Sales When your prospect returns to buy again, are you compensated? Ideally, this should be YES.
Multi-tiered Offering you a percent of sales coming from others who signed up under you (from your link). 2 or 3 tier.
Support Common courtesy response to affiliates, if you can't get a response to an inquiry, they are not helping you and not worried about your concerns or traffic. Find another.
Terms &
Read these to find out how good (or bad) you and your efforts will be rewarded.  See below.

Reputable Firm
- Hopefully, this one is self-explanatory, but not always easy to find.  Online and real-time statistics are also very important and worthwhile to your mission, a good affiliate program offers them.

FAIR Commissions - One of my pet peeves.  Offering 10% commissions and then a World of stipulations.  Your time and effort is worth more than this, but it's your decision.  Remember, they get the customers email, they get 'forever' re-orders, they are Branded by you, and they still got all the traffic you send to them - whether they bought or not... wouldn't you like FREE traffic, branding & links too?

Products & Pricing - If everything is overpriced and very little sells, than you need to find a better program.  40% of nothing is far less than 20% of something. Investigate this a bit, you'll be glad you did.

Recurring Sales - If  a customer you previously sent to the Merchant returns to buy again, are you paid again?  Obviously, you would like this to be YES, however, many, many Merchants do not pay on returning customers purchases... you would have to ask them why?

Multi-Tiered - If someone signs-up as an affiliate from your link, some affiliate programs pay you a percentage of their on-going sales too.

Support - Try a friendly email before you sign-up, I'll give you a few questions to ask below. When do you get paid?

Terms & Conditions - How long does this customer stay attached to you? 24 hours is unacceptable! Many, many people do not buy on their first visit!  If they return to their bookmarked shopping cart and add more stuff, do I get paid? Click-through to Sale Ratio? (average number of visitors before a sale). You want your IP or cookie to stay connected to that customer for as long as possible - 90 days is good, but a year is even better. 

Read the fine print in the Terms & Conditions - It may surprise you how hard some companies make it for YOU to make money selling THEIR products, we already know they are profitable. Look for Programs that give you the advantage, not the opposite.

Do not copy content from this page. Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape.

We DO have some experience online ourselves ...

Here are a few companies we had to Blacklist and WHY

We hope you'll join us in Boycotting these websites
and their associated businesses.  Thank You.

Dr. Chronic - DO NOT BUY - Personal orders and issues never satisfied - argumentative. Our own orders were never completely satisfied here, even after I finally received a partial order, the balance was never made right and the "Doc" didn't worry about it any longer - even though we were attempting to partner with this firm. Nothing short of calling us liars and trying to "take advantage" of them somehow.

Grass City- Read their Affiliate Program Terms - They are the only ones making cash - You can make better choices. In My Opinion, their program sucks for the affiliates (see terms above).  Every Term and Condition is skewed to them, not the affiliate at all.  24 hour "buy" window for you to get commissions is just not acceptable.

Friendly Stranger Store™ - In Canada, this organization claims Trademark rights to the terms Cannabis Culture and is in legal disputes with Marc Emery and friends (Cannabis Culture the magazine) - We are his friend and an admirer of all the work he and his wife and friends have contributed to our war.

Brew and Grow™ - Retail stores here in the States, with a website something alt.gardens (?)... I used to personally shop here until one day I approached the store employees with a partnership proposal to sell their lights and equipment online (send them paying customers).  I was told they want nothing to do with our "types" (?) and was told I could NOT shop there any more.  They actually believe all their customers are growing parsley and chives in their living rooms?  Hmmm, I suggest they purge their database then, because that was just plain naive - and telling me I can't shop there? (WTF was that about?)  Their pricing is retail or higher, and the same exact products can be found cheaper online, without the mistreatment or lack of support or respect for home growers around the World.

We hope to save our friends and consumers from being ripped off or associating with firms that DO NOT support fairness, opportunity, ethics, the Industry, or even being friendly.  You CAN find good people and products elsewhere, and sometimes our pocketbook is our only real recourse in making a point. 

Choose your friends wisely, and stay sharp. All statements made here are MY OPINION based on specific occurrences (facts) which we outlined as is our Right.  We hope this helps all of our valued friends, because that IS what we're all about.  It's all about good Karma - or practicing some.

We wish you luck on your affiliate ventures -

Go for it all - or just don't go.

Skip Budman



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