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Medical Marijuana Videos on Specific Ailments & Illnesses
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Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis

Veterans and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis and PTSD

Senior and Sick Caregivers and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis


Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Videos
Videos of the Healing Powers, Cures, Treatments and Relief
Provided by the Compounds of Cannabis Sativa

When you arrive at any one of these medical marijuana video links on YouTube (they will open in a new window), on the right of the YouTube screen you will find many other videos related to similar topics. I have tried to find some of the best patient and authoritative videos so you will not be searching all day to find what you were looking for. I sincerely hope this will help many in your investigative phase of your journey.

Be careful, you will find you can "waste" a good amount of time searching here (YouTube cannabis videos). - That is why I put this together - To give you a good start in the right direction. I have selected one or two of what I could find and met minor qualifications to be of interest and education to the caregiver or patient. I guarantee you, you may be surprised by some of the dates on these videos... Many of these cannabis references are not new, it is just that they have become more mainstream in recent news and global  awareness.


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