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Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis

Veterans and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis and PTSD

Senior and Sick Caregivers and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis

Medical marijuana, cannabis, and your health

Cannabis cures cancers | Medical Marijuana and Seniors, Veterans and Caregivers

Medical marijuana seeds for sale (USA)


Learning to grow your own cannabis

Vaporizers for Cannabis and Medical Marijuana

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How to grow elite marijuana Ebook. Highly recommended by WTP.




Links to additional Medical Marijuana and Cannabis
(Natural) solutions for Ailments, Illnesses, Diseases and Cancers

Man made prescription drugs versus God made natural marijuana plant

Cannabis IS curing Cancers besides a myriad of other ailments! Most of these educational and informative links will help you with understanding what medical marijuana can do for specific illnesses.

Some are true stories of the patient, and others are from Doctors or other reliable cannabis natural resources based on FACTS. We are adding new links all the time as more and more data is made available for specific ailments, illnesses, diseases, syndromes and even cancers. Live longer, live healthier, feel better and get back to being yourself.

The links below will open in a new window. Each hyperlink (line) is it's own direct link to something specific (or different website information on that topic). I have tried to give short descriptions to help you quickly find what you were looking for. At the bottom of this page are also links to more general information including ailments, cannabis and medical marijuana reforms, and websites worth visiting in helping to educate you in the overall success and research on this life saving plant.

In the photo at the top of this page, you see Man made pharmaceutical drugs versus a natural plant created by God.

Cannabis cures and heals many illnesses naturally - One will cost you a great deal of time, hassle and money in doctors appointments, evaluations, tests and the pills themselves (cash every month). These man made products will generally leave you feeling sick and take years off of YOUR life. This is especially TRUE when they are combined, or you take multiple pharmaceutical pills everyday. They also come with some pretty nasty side-effects too.

The other God made plant will NOT cost you much money if you are growing your own medication (plants). And who doesn't like gardening?

However, even if you buy your medical marijuana you will still save HUGE money (monthly) over that group of pharmaceutical pills that are not truly working for you. Best of all - You will be feeling better, more energetic and certainly have more control of your mind, body and spirit. Right here, right now, you can find out why.

Again, you do not have to believe me, there is so much factual information in these pages to help you with that life-saving decision. I am simply telling you that you DO have a choice here. A natural and healthy herbal remedy - OR - A costly and sometimes deadly combination of drugs produced by man. The choice is yours...

Be prepared to be blown away by all the information, results and healing solutions provided by this natural plant. I know it is hard to believe that your own Government and Medical  Professionals are working so hard to withhold all of this life saving data (truth) from people like us. You are going to gain education and knowledge that you never knew existed.

Enjoy, and please share your new found Wisdom my friends.

Ailment Links to Investigate Further (Articles)
Acid Reflux Please see Indigestion below.
ADD / ADHD Marijuana replaces Ritalin for ADD/ADHD
ADHD: Medicinal marijuana breakthrough
Legalization of marijuana in treatment of ADHD
AIDS / HIV Medical marijuana as a treatment for HIV
AIDS and medical marijuana (cannabis)
Marijuana Library - AIDS
Benefits of medical marijuana and HIV/AIDS
Loss of Appetite associated with AIDS
Alzheimer's Disease Please see Dementia below.
Anorexia/Bulimia Anorexia and medical marijuana
Can cannabis work for Anorexia and Bulimia?
Anorexia, Nervosa and marijuana
Study: Anorexia and cannabis
Anxiety Please also see Stress below
Anxiety Disorders and Medical Marijuana
Arthritis Marijuana for Arthritis
Arthritis Today - Natural solutions
Medical marijuana for Arthritis
Asthma Lisa's asthma story of success
Asthma and Cannabis
Asperger's Syndrome
Please see Autism below.
Autism Autism treatment story - ABC News
Medical marijuana treatment story - Severe Autism - FOX
Sams Story - Autism and cannabis
Autism Support Network - Marijuana
Medical marijuana and treating Autism
Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder and Cannabis
Bipolar and natural treatments
Can medical marijuana be used to treat Bipolar Disorder?
Marijuana and Bipolar disorder
Brain Damage Study on mice shows marijuana good for Brain Disorders
Study proves cannabis effective on Brain Damages
Medical Daily - Cannabis prevents Brain Damage...
Marijuana - Brain Damage and Stroke treatment
Cannabis key to healing injured brain?
Brain Damage and natural healing with marijuana
Cancers Natural News - Marijuana, a cure for Cancer?
Cancer .org - Marijuana

Marijuana and cancer cures - Government knew in 1974
Cannabis and aggressive cancer (Breast)
Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy and medical marijuana
CP and Cannabis
Chronic Pain Web MD Chronic pain alternatives
Chronic pain relief using medical marijuana
Using medical marijuana for chronic pain
COPD/Emphysema COPD / Emphysema and cannabis
Marijuana smoking will not harm lungs
Treating COPD with medical cannabis
Crohns Disease Treating Crohns Disease with Marijuana
Crohns Disease and Medical Marijuana
Dementia Cannabis stops Dementia in its tracks
Web MD - Marijuana and Alzheimer's
Medical marijuana and Alzheimer's Disease
Can medical marijuana treat Alzheimer's Disease?
Can cannabis save an aging brain?
Diabetes Diabetes - Treatment with cannabis
Treating Diabetes with cannabis?
Medical marijuana and treating Diabetes
Battling Diabetes
Marijuana - The next Diabetes drug?
Depression Medical marijuana as a treatment for Depression
Managing Depression naturally
Depression and Cannabis
Medical benefits of Cannabis and Depression
Epilepsy Huffington Post - Epilepsy, Charlotte 6 years old.
Business Week - Marijuana for treating epilepsy
Cannabis used to treat Epilepsy
Can marijuana aid in relieving seizures?
Flashbacks Medical marijuana and Flashbacks / PTSD
PTSD and medical cannabis
Marijuana and PTSD / Flashbacks
Cannabis as a PTSD treatment
Fibromyalgia CNN - Medical Marijuana for Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia and Cannabis

Web MD - Fibromyalgia and medical marijuana
Reduce Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms
Gastrointestinal Please see indigestion below.
Glaucoma Medical marijuana uses and treatments (Glaucoma)
Alternative therapies for Glaucoma
American Glaucoma Society - Marijuana
Glaucoma treatment options with Cannabis
Heartburn Please see Indigestion below.
Hepatitis C Can medical marijuana treat Hepatitis C symptoms?
NORML - Hepatitis C
Improved treatment response for Hepatitis C
Beneficial treatments of Hepatitis C
Indigestion Gastresophgeal Reflux Disease and Cannabis
Indigestion - Huffington Post - Natural remedies
Marijuana and treatment of Digestive Disorders
123 Help Me - Medical Marijuana
Inflammation Pain Inflammation and marijuana
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Insomnia The Insomnia Epidemic
Using MM for Insomnia?
Marijuana compounds can kill cancer cells
THC from cannabis oil destroys Leukemia
Leukemia and marijuana studies
Loss of Appetite Web MD - Marijuana
Disabled World - Treatments with Cannabis
Cancer (.org) - Marijuana
Lupus Lupus and medical marijuana
Web MD - Lupus
Successfully treating Lupus symptoms
Migraine Headaches Natural Migraine Treatments
Marijuana to treat Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis MS and Marijuana
Medical Marijuana and MS
Muscle Spasms Cannabis and muscle spasms
Nausea Marijuana is the first anti-nausea medication known to science.
Treating Nausea with medical marijuana

Nausea and cannabis treatments
Medical benefits of cannabis and Nausea
Can marijuana cure Nausea?
Nightmares Can marijuana help with Nightmares?
Nightmare treatments using cannabis
Pain Please see Chronic Pain above.
Parkinson's Disease Marijuana helps to treat Parkinson's
Cannabis helping treat brain disorders?
Stanford -
Medical marijuana for Parkinson's
Cannabis - A Parkinson's cure?
PTSD Start here - Reference Flashbacks seen above.
Also reference Stress below.
Recurring Polio
Please also see Chronic Pain above.
Post Polio Syndrome (PPS)
Medical marijuana and PPS

Polio medical treatment
Relaxation Please see Treatments page.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Medical marijuana and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Can marijuana treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Marijuana for Arthritis
Health com - Condition Article - Medical Marijuana
Scoliosis Medical Marijuana treatments for Scoliosis
Skin Cancers Cannabis Oil and Skin Cancer
Oil from medical marijuana a cure?
Medical marijuana and Skin Cancers
Hemp Oil for treating Skin Cancers
Spinal Cord Injury Neuropathic pain and cannabis
Berkeley Study - Medical marijuana
Treating spinal cord injuries
Stress Please see Anxiety above
Reference PTSD above
Cannabis used for Stress relief

Link between cannabis use and Stress, Panic and Anxiety
Marijuana and Stress relief
Marijuana is curing Chronic Stress
Ulcers Please see also Indigestion above.
Ulcers and medical marijuana
Medical marijuana and treating digestive disorders
Vomiting Please see Nausea above.
General / Educational Cure your own Cancer
Medical Conditions Treated
Many forms of relief from medical marijuana
Medical marijuana strain per symptom (General)

The many (corporate) reasons why Marijuana is still illegal

 - Skip Budman   


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