Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis healing for Seniors, Veterans and Caregivers

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Senior Citizens, Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Cures
Veterans, Cannabis, Gardening and PTSD
Caregivers, Patient Support and Natural Healing

Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis

Veterans and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis and PTSD

Senior and Sick Caregivers and Medical Marijuana | Cannabis

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WELCOME to "Seniors, Veterans and Caregivers"
The TRUTH about Medical Marijuana & Cannabis

Seniors using Medical Marijuana | Cannabis Healing for Senior Citizens

Genesis 1:12 - "...and the Earth brought forth grass, and herb
yielding seed... And God saw that it was good"

This dedicated category is being brought to you in an attempt to educate interested senior citizens & caring individuals in the many applications of Medical Marijuana (Cannabis). We hope to be informative, educational and a wonderful resource to many Seniors, Veterans and Caregivers on the benefits of this miracle plant. This 100% Natural Medicine that God has left for us all.

Please feel free to share this information with your friends, relatives, family members and other loved ones. It WILL save lives, or certainly extend the lives of many who suffer needlessly every day (from numerous pharmaceutical drugs that are shortening their lives to say the least).

In my own research and studies I have found that approaching this topic with loved ones can be a sensitive one due to the misinformation and outright lies that can be found on the subject. Beliefs are not an easy thing to overcome, especially after many years of misinformation and outright lies (brainwashing).

I am one of those Cannabis loving, pro-legalization people that you have been warned about. This is ME, doing my best to educate and make truthful information available to the sick senior citizens, military veterans and others, while protecting YOUR Rights to live a longer and healthier life as you see fit.

Medical Marijuana for Senior Citizens, Veterans and Caregivers
As you investigate these pages further you will also find links and resources to the many other reliable resources we could find on this topic. This includes books and products that are used in conjunction with Medical Marijuana and treating your specific ailments.

So it is in that vein, that I have tried to offer an anonymous way to approach the subject and educate more people without alienating the caring and educated person who wants YOU to live a better and healthier life than many pharmaceutical drugs cannot (do not) offer.


This first video is an attempt to offer ANY individual
a simple and effective way to bring this potential medicine and
information to anyone's attention in a generic manner.


Please copy this web address and share it with those you care about.
Thank you.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

This video is by one of today's top medical experts on the specific
effects, uses, and medical advances of cannabis healing.

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Please reference the Educational Cannabis Links page
for more in-depth information online, or our Treatments page
for specific Medical Marijuana Strains to consider based upon your illness.

 - Skip Budman  

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