Infants Test Positive for (THC) Marijuana from Baby Shampoo Use

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Infants Test Positive for Marijuana Cannabinoids - THC
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Infants & Newborns Test Positive for Marijuana - THC
Baby Wash and Shampoo | Save Your Job

(June 2012) TIME Magazine originally reported on this story.

Drug Tests show false positive results for certain baby wash and shampoo productsDo NOT be alarmed parents. Babies are not truly getting high, but Researchers have found numerous baby products that can result in a false positives for Cannabinoids (THC) in newborns, babies, and infants - Can you say "Drug Testing EPIC FAIL" ?

Drug Testing is a multi-million dollar industry. Now we discover that use of certain bath wash products and baby shampoos can cause false results? Ever failed a drug test for marijuana? Watch for the Law Suits to follow.

Not just employer drug testing, but child welfare authorities, college testing, probation violations, and more. You can hardly call this "No more Tears" for the unfortunate losers who have been sidelined due to false readings.

"We really did this to help protect families from being falsely accused" Dr. Carl Seashore, Research, Co-Author and Pediatrician at U.N.C. - Chapel Hill.

Below are the products known to be causing these false positives in drug testing. Hospitals across the World have been using these products forever. FYI - It is NOT just limited to these products, even the hand gel soap used in many hospitals was tested with the same result. Just one more reason to revisit our marijuana policies across the Globe.

Buy them for yourself, just keep them in your shower, or make it a nice gift for your friends who need an excuse to clean up their act. (LMAO - Pun totally intended)


Education is our greatest strength in fighting unjust policies and unproven techniques, including Laws and Testing that are supposedly and arguably "above reproach".


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