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The BEST natural & organic plant fertilizer money can buy!

Feed your marijuana & cannabis plants naturally and WITHOUT any synthetic chemicals! Yes, we wish commercial cannabis growers would do the same. There are AWESOME alternatives and Nasty Rabbit Organics offers the BEST solutions!

Marijuana organic & natural plant fertilizer

Indoor cannabis plants, outdoor marijuana plants, it really doesn't matter - Nasty Rabbit Organics (high quality rabbit manure) is hand's down the BEST natural organic fertilizer you can feed your marijuana, cannabis and hemp plants! Bunny rabbits don't lie.

Let's take a moment and learn some more about this fabulous 100% natural & organic plant fertilizer.

Rabbit manure is rich in many nutrients and minerals

These products naturally contain excellent levels of nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium. Nasty Rabbit Organics manure has the highest NPK values of ANY animal manure (N: 2.4 P: 1.4 K: 0.6) . 100% organic & more potent than most commercial chemical nutrients. This fertilizer can SAFELY be used on your flowers, fruits, vegetables, hemp, cannabis medicines and more. The Nasty Rabbit Organics people, rabbits and their products do NOT discriminate, they love Planet Earth & truly give back.

Besides the great NPK numbers, the vegetarian bunny poop supplies such micro-nutrients and minerals as Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Calcium (Ca), Boron (B), Zinc (Zn), Sulphur (S) and more... Potassium boosts the overall plant quality as well as helping to reduce disease. Nasty Rabbit Organics products contain nutrients, minerals & organic matter, all of which improve drainage, moisture retention and soil structure strength.

Many fertilizers made from manure must first be composted, but not rabbit manure. It is a "cold" manure and can be applied without composting. It will NOT burn your plants. This product can safely be applied to your lawn each Spring too. You will be amazed at the results - Your neighbors will want to know what you fed your grass.

Feed ALL your plants WITHOUT chemical fertilizers!

Natural fertilizer for marijuana & cannabis plants

Rabbit manure is 100% natural. It remains the safest, highest quality, COMPLETELY ORGANIC marijuana & cannabis plant fertilizer available.

Ask about their "Rabbit Rain" compost tea. It is a liquid variation of dry rabbit manure and can cover a lot more area when properly applied.

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Mother Nature didn't tell you?

Skip Budman did!

The SECRET to fertilizing plants naturally.