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Great movies (DVD's) for marijuana smokers and stoners to enjoy

Almost ANY 'good' movie can be enjoyed when you are stoned or high on marijuana. However, some are better than others and so I created a small list of must see movies... Not necessarily having the proverbial stoners playing a role.


420 Marijuana Movies are here
(Movies about being stoned or high)


As stated earlier - Almost ANY movie can be a good marijuana or stoner movie. But just so you know, we actually asked our friends in social media sites to chime in and we received quite a variety of movies. These are in no particular order except to say that maybe you should see them all... Or add them to your collection! The prices have never been better -

I am sure you WILL find something you truly like (or love) here...
(These movies make excellent gifts for marijuana & weed smokers)


Animations / Cartoons / TV

That 70's Show Twilight Zone Beavis & Butthead Archer
The Simpson's Spongebob Squarepants Roger Rabbit Rabbids
Bugs Bunny Tom & Jerry PeeWee's Playhouse Looney Tunes


Did you miss the actual BEST Marijuana Movies we outlined?
Check them out - Documentaries too.



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