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Marijuana grow room fans, carbon filters, mylar and more.

Cannabis growing supplies | Fans, blowers, carbon filters, mylar & more.

As you grow (pun intended), you will continue to invest in your new cannabis growing hobby.

You will learn a great deal and want to try everything you hear. Small advancements are very good for you & your garden.

Mylar - We use it on our walls - better than anything else we have found except Mother Nature. Be sure to leave it 18 inches or two feet off the floor level, nothing below that needs extra light.

Fans or blowers are needed as you exapnd to more plants or you are furnishing your grow tent. The carbon filter handles much of the smell from escaping the room or tent. Exhaust air is forced out through the filter.

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iPower high output fan
$75.03 or less
$89.99 or less
Mylar wall covering 4 foot by 100 feet
$45.99 or less