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Welcome to Weeds That Please

Your best source for cannabis growing tips & medical
marijuana seeds, education & trusted weed resources

We would like to offer and dedicate this website to all of our friends in need of buying quality marijuana seeds including education, information and resources on growing that marijuana successfully indoors.  Cannabis seeds also make a great gift idea for the right people.

Visit Seniors, Veterans and Caregivers to help the ones you love get OFF some pharmaceutical killers using medical marijuana.

Why is marijuana still illegal? Those individuals on a quest for growing quality marijuana, acquiring quality cannabis seeds, and those interested in saving serious money and hassle (see warning). The medicinal benefits of marijuana have been proven and documented for many Centuries.  Let our rights to the knowledge continue! Why you can trust

Growing marijuana and cannabis indoors in soil.Our grow room creation, cannabis germination steps and growing guides and tips can assist you in the "how to" of successfully providing yourself with a reliable source of consistent, high quality marijuana for personal and medicinal use.

Never freeze your Pot. Storing your marijuana properly can keep it for years and maintain it's potency. Not getting high from smoking anymore? Try this.

Indoor marijuana cultivation offers none of the headaches of today's conventional shopper, and many benefits. We can even show you where to buy the ultimate marijuana Grow Cabinets and find what you need for supplies to grow your cannabis garden with huge success.

Have you ever been desperate to find some weed before any Holiday? Or having to buy some crap because you could not find someone trustworthy and reliable to purchase from?  Or everyone telling you "it's DRY?"... And let's not even discuss the inconsistency in quality??? Never worry about this again.

Marijuana Seeds, cannabis growing & supplies
We've all been there, done that. There is a better way - it's called growing marijuana for personal use. See cannabis conundrum for your risk assessment.

This website is full of useful research, education, and information on everything from the acquisition of quality cannabis seeds, to the cloning and harvest of that most beautiful reefer that you personally nurtured from seed and can now finally appreciate from a smokers standpoint. You can even find a date here that smokes marijuana, how great is that?

The information provided in this website is accurate, and where possible we provide you with photos to help you plan your garden and know your stuff*.

You know you can trust weeds that please for reliable and trustworthy information and resources. We have been helping others grow marijuana and purchase their growing equipment for over 7 years successfully and discreetly online.

Need a new weed pipe or bong? We have the best source with the best pricing right here. Get a free gift for your best friend with your order too. Here's some other cannabis stuff we have found for your gift giving ideas...

All of the Marijuana Seed Breeders and Suppliers listed within this website have been found to be extremely trustworthy, and will supply you with the quality products you grow to expect! (pun intended)  Maybe you're here to learn what a vaporizer can further do for your health? Or maybe you just need a good book...

Once germinated, it is now the vegetative stage of marijuana growthAMS, and Ministry, are very highly respected, trusted, and quality suppliers of excellent cannabis seed strains.  They all offer a great selection with Worldwide Stealth shipping as well - We know you'll be treated fairly by these companies, we have worked with them for many years.

You can always check here for the latest marijuana online scams to avoid. We pride ourselves on trusted cannabis seeds & 420  suppliers who deliver safely and completely respect your privacy.

The joys and pleasures of your personal pot will far surpass that of the last commercial bag of weed you purchased.  Trust yourself, you can start slowly and inexpensively!

Ahhh, the aroma of fresh grown marijuana... Once considered a BAD word, this homegrown pot never tasted so sweet (we used to call bad home-grown "ditch weed").  Need to dry your buds fast? - quickly drying your pot can be learned here.

Pot Smokers are Pet Lovers is a new section dedicated to the loyal pet lovers across the Globe - you can send me your pet picture and stroke their ego at the same time.

XBOX 360 Online Gamers can find some friends here too... We like to know we are gaming on a level playing field.  Here you can give others your screen name (profile) and 3 favorite multi-player games you like, plus, leave your email address so interested players can connect with you directly.

Cannabis Growing for Beginners | Step by step marijuana growing instructionsThe Cannabis Conundrum: Wait until you light up your prized harvest to all the raves in the room and then someone asks "Where did you get this?" or "Wow! This is great!" and you say politely "I think it's homegrown" - Then you tell them it's Northern Lights / Haze or something.

Marijuana Growing TipsWe know you'll find our Germinating Marijuana Seeds and Marijuana Growing Tips a welcome find online.  We also offer related items too, like "making money online" and "affiliate programs that suck", it's all good when you have a bit of time to spend here.

Bookmark this website and visit us regularly for updates or answers for your Garden Paradise - or maybe just to brag a little bit.  We understand you may have visited for some marijuana seeds or cannabis plant growing products, but we hope you'll come back for the community and content.

Marijuana indoor growing | Seeds, growing supplies and more.Weeds That Please takes no responsibility for your online or offline activities.  Please check the laws in your Country regarding any legal issues surrounding the acquisition of cannabis seeds, or the private cultivation of marijuana for personal or medicinal use.


We thank you for your visit and hope to
make more virtual friends we can trust -


Please forgive any mistakes I may make
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doing the very best that I can. 


Always promote Peace and toke deeply my friends.

Give the Gift of Quality Marijuana Seeds.  Give Smiles.


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